Digital life

The Power of Illusion

Lhendup G Bhutia

A new breed of computer-generated virtual influencers is flooding social media timelines

The Three Sins of Aadhaar

In praise of the private Indian

Rankings and Ratings in Our Lives

The fault in our stars. Illustration: Saurabh Singh

A Pause in Romance

Relationships win at the cost of love in serialised shows on the internet

“We have a multi-pronged approach to fighting cyber crimes”: Dr Ajay Kumar

Dr Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, speaks to Executive Editor Ullekh NP about the steps the government of India is taking to enhance the country's cyber security prowess

Hack and Run

Can India afford to remain unprepared in the face of rising cyber terror?

Cyber Bullies

The new adolescent terror in India and how to stop it

The pleasures and horrors of the digital afterlife

Some people don’t log out even after they shuffle out of this mortal coil. The ethics, business and eerie effects of the digital spectre


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