Dev Anand

Jewels in the Crown

Rachel Dwyer

India’s long tryst with gemmology still fascinates the West

Beautiful People

The stars of Bollywood’s golden era captured by a refugee from Karachi

Ladies vs Dev Anand

Why did the late Dev Anand get into the movies? The glamour? A passion for acting? As you would expect of this incorrigible romantic, beautiful women and sexual encounters played an essential role in the story. An extract from his autobiography

Dev Anand’s Never-Never Land

In the recent movies of this hero who refuses to retire, anything can happen to him, and to you, the viewer. So beware

Good Ol’ Hands

From Dev Anand to Clint Eastwood to Woody Allen, ageing has no bearing on creativity

My Friend Guru

Upon a chance meeting, a first-time hero and an assistant director made a lofty promise to each other. That promise culminated in a noir-styled movie, Baazi, in 1951. Its inimitable hero, Dev Anand, remembers his troubled and only true friend Guru Dutt


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