In Black and White

Pallavi Polanki

Residents of Delhi beat up some Nigerian nationals recently, accusing them of ‘eating babies’. The harassment of Africans by Indians is all too common. When will the law catch up with Indian racists?

Do We Really Need a Capital?

The idea of a national capital is not any more meaningful than the idea of national sports and birds.

Behind the Common Stealth Games

When the Games’ tourists come to Delhi, they will find a swanky city that has no compassion for the poor.

Two Lives, Two Realities

Time and space, and inner and outer worlds, come together in Rahab Allana’s diptychs.

In Public Interest

An intriguing art project by Khoj Studios facilitates conversations between the city and its teeming millions.

The Sound of Winter

If you think Delhi is a musically dead city, tune in once again and listen to these notes blowing in with the cool winds.

Delhi in Doldrums

In artist Golak Khandual’s latest work, birds flee for their lives from ugly Delhi buildings. His visuals evoke a constant tussle between the city of old and the new

At Home in JNU

Meet the man who can’t part ways with Jawaharlal Nehru University

They are Hardworking and Hateworthy

The thing about hate—it’s about love, actually. It’s an emotion of denial. A defence mechanism. Hating a thing has much to do with coveting something about it.

Its Cosmopolitanism is a Veneer

Dreams have a habit of dissolving under scrutiny. Which other city can boast of Bal Thackeray as its patron saint? Mumbai always succumbs to chauvinism, unfailingly. It’s its defining feature


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