Dan Brown

The Dan Brown Code

S Prasannarajan

Science, religion  and the future of species. Plus a cameo by Winston Churchill 

Books: Highlights of 2017

Adrian Levy & Cathrine Scott-Clark | Wendy Doniger | Michel Pastoureau | Pankaj Mishra | Arundhati Roy | Paula Hawkins | Paul Auster | Hari Kunzru | Amit Chaudhuri | George Saunders | JRR Tolkien

The Gospel According to Dan Brown

Dan Brown is Eco without the metaphysics

The Dan Brown Code

The best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code lectures on science and religion, and why he’s adept at killing off characters, in his turn at the Penguin Annual Lecture in India

Infernal Lessons

Deciphering Dan Brown’s bestseller Inferno

Dan Brown’s Inferno

The publisher Double Day is printing four million copies of the book to start

The Power of Fiction

If the Jesus story is mostly a fabrication, it could yet let me outdo Dan Brown.

‘Much in Dan Brown’s Book Not True’

Mark Tabbert of George Washington Masonic Memorial tells us what he thinks of Dan Brown’s latest effort.

Code Raider

Dan Brown’s book is like the rapids one experiences during a rafting expedition. But his fans will feel at home.


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