Cyrus Mistry

The Battle of the Parsis

Pritish Nandy

Will the house that Jamsetji built with a capital of Rs 21,000 in 1868 continue to retain its values?

Being Cyrus

Cyrus Mistry moves away from the Parsi settings of his earlier works to a quiet cardamom farm in Kerala for his new novel

Of Public Interest in Tata’s Private Affairs

A possible resolution of India's biggest corporate feud

The Incompatibles

Infosys is caught between a conservative promoter and an aggressive CEO from Silicon Valley

Who Will Win Tata’s Trust?

Cyrus Mistry’s successor will have his work cut out for him

Tata Steel: The Empire for Sale

Will Tata hasten Britain’s industrial decline?

Make in India: The Sales Pitch

A mega show in Mumbai markets Modi’s global ambition. There is a long way to go

Family Chronicles

Fascinating Parsi characters fill Cyrus Mistry’s uneven collection of stories around hassled sons and lonely spouses

Decoding the Tata Succession

Yes, Cyrus Mistry is a surprise choice as the Tata Group’s next chairman. But a closer look suggests that it is an obvious one


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