Shooter to Runner

Zac O’Yeah

How to become a reformed gangster

The Bloodlust

Short stories on the violence of big and small kinds

The Twilight of the Gangs in UP

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has declared war on organised crime

No End to Crimes against Dalits

Denied or delayed justice makes matters worse

The Slippery Encounter Slope

On allegedly killing Vikas Dubey and appointing a panel to investigate it

Losing Faith

A Malayalam novel delves into the dangers of organised religion

Crime and Labels

The problem with terming gangster Vikas Dubey a terrorist

A Ganglord Saga

What unites Mother India’s Birju and Vikas Dubey

Knives Out

Mysteries for pandemic times—from a virus which is the weapon of mass destruction to a US Congressional intern caught in political intrigue

Hanging by a Thread

Four men were executed in the early hours of March 20th finally bringing peace to Jyoti Singh’s family, though larger questions about the death penalty still persist


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