crime mystery

The Art of Suspense

Shylashri Shankar

The Alfred Hitchcock toolkit to make thrillers

Enigma of the Investigator

Watching a genius detective power through the mystery is similar to watching a magician create illusions

A Taste for the Twisted

True-crime documentaries and films come of age in India

Best of 2020 Books: Crime Fiction: The Body In the Attic

I Saw Him Die | A Will to Kill | Shed No Tears | V2 | Midnight Atlanta

And Then There Were None

Four storytellers redeem the modern whodunnit by defying the familiar props of the genre

The Perfect Murder

A much abused genre in India is reaching a sense of literary maturity

Mysterious Minds

How Arthur Conan Doyle found the perfect scientific detective

Murder 3

A dead plot and poor performances is all that this cut-price film offers


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