When He Batted Left-handed

Akshay Sawai

In an innovative strategy to combat unplayable bowling, Sunil Gavaskar came out and batted with his other hand for an hour to save Bombay from an outright defeat.

The World According to India TV

The fine art of turning a 30-second clip into a 30-minute programme on the most bizarre subjects

Bollywood on Trial

Can mainstream Hindi cinema defend itself against the charge that it is creatively bankrupt?

Death of the Political Cartoon

Among those who killed it are cartoonists themselves

The Fraud of Vedic Maths

Those who seriously still think ancient India had devised a parallel mathematical system need to acquaint themselves with an inventive Shankaracharya called Bharti Krishna Tirthaji.

Write Like a Dancer

How artiste Chandralekha’s refusal to separate art and life inspired my parallel careers, one drawing upon the other

Made in Tihar

Prisoners make branded food and art. Proceeds go to their victims

How I wrote my 500 page novel set in ancient Greece without being there

‘The Emissary’ takes you to Ancient Greece at the time of Alexander the Great through the tale of a young renegade who ends up with a role in shaping Greek destiny. How the idea took seed, though, is another story

Magnificent Gogoi and His Flying Car

Kanak Gogoi is a serial inventor who won a national award for a pedal-free cycle. But the real jaw-droppers are his airborne vehicles.

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