Raihan Rajiv Vadra: Playing With Perception

Antara Raghavan

His debut photo exhibition is a work in light and darkness. He tells Antara Raghavan how a passion has become a habit

Leela Samson: Dance of the Outsider

Veteran Bharatanatyam dancer Leela Samson speaks to Akhila Krishnamurthy about her forays into cinema and abiding passion for teaching

T-Shirt Truths

Seven young artists in search of climate-conscious fashions

Bhuri Bai: The Arc of Living

The natural experimentations of Bhuri Bai

The Afterlives of Stitches

Celebrating the relationship between Adip Dutta and late artist Meera Mukherjee

Shush No More

Art and infographics on social media platforms are breaking taboos

Bhanu Athaiya: The Sartorial Modernist

A glimpse into Bhanu Athaiya’s aesthetic grasp of the female body and fashions

Mind Matters

It is what we lean to the most every moment of our life

A Sound New World

Independent musicians are recalibrating how they create and share music online


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