Sheba Chhachhi: Travels in Hyperreality

Georgina Maddox

Sheba Chhachhi’s quest for multimedia explorations is captured in a book as arresting as her work

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan: The Original

The Malayalam filmmaker has shattered received wisdom and established himself as the new auteur to watch

The Crayon Revolution

What is the lure of the adult colouring book? Is it a sign of boredom and loneliness? Does it alleviate stress? Is it a return to childhood? Or is it a symptom of ‘rage against the machine’?

Space Girl

Kohelika Kohli, architect and interior designer, is inspired by India’s cultural heritage but is not trapped in it

Wacom Cintiq

A tablet for creative professionals that delivers top pen-on-screen performance

An Underdog Wins

What emotion does to creativity

Synaptic Sizzle

A book that puts the brain under a scanner to make scientific sense of creativity

Confessions of an Advertising Professional

“One of the main problems is people stealing credit. Most creative directors happily accept awards for ads they didn’t conceive”

Sholay, the Beginning

Hindi cinema’s biggest blockbuster officially completes 35 years this 15 August, but it was actually born in 1973 in a small room. Screenplay writer Salim Khan remembers how Sholay was conceived.

In Defence of the Uncreative

He will be more prosperous and happier than the creative Indian. And he has a far greater influence over you than you imagine


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