TRS staves off BJP threat but saffron gains will worry KCR

BJP failed to win its third assembly by poll in the hotly contested Munugode seat but ran TRS close underlining its rise in Telangana even as the ruling regional party earned a welcome reprieve

The Identity Makeover

Making Aadhaar more secure

No Hair Splitting With This Politician

Kerala CPI state secretary Pannian Raveendran maintains his mane for political gain

Bardhan Makes a Reluctant Exit

The CPI veteran known for his penchant for power has stepped down, but not before a surprise bid to change the party constitution

Communist Manifest Foes

As Maoists turn the heat on CPI cadres in Bastar, the latter find themselves in a double bind

Left Unity Makes Sense

The CPM and CPI need to leave doctrines aside and face practical realities


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