Alien Intelligence

Makarand R Paranjape

AI poses an exceptional threat to human identity

New Thinking

A brief history of the Indian MBA

Kailash Katkar, 50, Founder, Quick Heal

‘I look for what is going to come next and prepare myself for that,’ says Kailash Katkar

Artificial Intelligence: Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran, 35, 37 Founders of Mad Street Den

“We looked at everyday lives to figure out where AI can intersect”

Are Indian Hackers Any Good?

In light of the Chinese hacking into the Indian Government’s computers, a look at why India has not been able to raise its own army of lethal hackers.

Mind the Gap

Computers can send a man to the moon, but it takes humans to marvel at the truly marvellous.

Seagate’s Replica PC

It is not the world’s simplest data backup device, but it works in a non-intrusive manner.

HP’s All-in-One

If you want a sleek machine without a wire jungle, then this is a great buy

Confessions of a Hacker

“It’s like playing a puzzle game. A few years ago, I directed traffic on to my web blog to impress upon Google that GoogleAds was full of holes.”


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