Surrealists and Communists in Paris

Stephen Fein and Krishnan Srinivasan

A counter-exhibition that changed Western understanding of colonial cultures

Can the Indian Left Reinvent Itself?

Communists face a do-or-die battle for survival

Open Diary

The legacy of John Le Carre and the life of a political activist

Who Killed Swaraj?

The fallacy of the development doctrine

What’s Next, Comrade Karat?

Good news: Karat, an ideological classicist, unlike his fellow comrades, does not live under a fascist regime. Will he go a step further risking his own ideological position?

Raul Castro, Sitaram Yechury face a Trotskyan moment

Communists like Raul Castro and Sitaram Yechury face a Trotskyan moment today


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