The Rebound

Kabeer Sharma

She’s 45, he’s 30, it could have been a fun chick flick. You’re better off catching an old Zeta-Jones movie on DVD.

De Dana Dan

A comedy that seems more like a tourism ad for Singapore. Is director Priyadarshan losing his talent?

An Imitation Gem

Why is it that Ashok Kumar is the eternal favourite of mimicry artistes?


The movie fails to cash in on its full comic potential because it pretends to be serious. Danny comes good though

Real Comedy Is Coming

For some of us who cannot laugh at Indian TV humour, there is good news. Stand-up comics are coming

Short Kut

A film from Bollywood on stealing scripts. Nothing but good tips on the business of plagiarism here


A comedy about match fixing tries hard to deliver, but slips between jokes. Why is fun so difficult? And why is Cyrus such a bore?


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