Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

Ajit Duara

This movie takes toilet humour from the bowl to the septic tank

Ferrari ki Sawaari

A cloyingly sweet story gets stumped trying to bridge a kiddie cricket fantasy with an adult automobile romance

Bollywood’s Funny Guy

Ranvir Shorey on the futility of being a good actor and why he will always remain an underdog in the film industry

Delhi Belly

This juvenile movie may well be Aamir Khan’s first big mistake as a producer

Double Dhamaal

The humour in this film is anything but cerebral, but some of the stunts are genuinely funny

The Monstrous Hit Maker

Giant hits like Singh is Kingg notwithstanding, Anees Bazmee stands accused of filming Bollywood’s crassest comedies in recent times. He remains steadfastly unapologetic

Khatta Meetha

It is a treatise on corruption that is neither funny nor tragic, nor even moral.

It Just Happened

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, arguably the funniest Indian film ever made, was made on a meagre budget, featured mostly unknowns, and hardly anyone involved believed in it. It became a classic, and almost all its alumni went on to highly successful careers. A celebration


For all the gay jokes and homo-erotic scenes, it’s the film itself that is a major drag.

A Day at the Karachi Litfest

I so look forward to the day when cultural activities in Pakistan can be judged on merit rather than the apparently astonishing fact that they exist to begin with.


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