Air Apparent

Pallavi Aiyar

Beijing’s success in tackling pollution is a lesson for Delhi

When Breath Becomes Fatal

Author and researcher Dean Spears asserts that India’s air pollution does not merely kill children, it also impacts each generation of survivors

Meghalaya: The Depth of A Tragedy

They wait for a miracle to save the workers trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya

Coal Market Regulator as a Damp Squib

A badly conceived regulator would serve no purpose in this crucial sector

Thieves on Two Wheels

The poor of Jharkhand depend on cycle peddlers for their coal—peddlers who, by law, are thieves

Importing Coal to India’s New Castle

Coal need not be thrown open to the private sector for the country to exploit its vast potential

Gangs of Wasseypur

A startingly original film with entertaining conversations and settings


It was in the 1980s, when two scrap mafia gangs got involved in a bloody rivalry, that the British Raj era town earned its notoriety

Indonesia’s Barter Model Pays Dividends

Having averaged about 5.5 per cent growth over the past five years, Indonesia now nurtures a desire to join the BRIC league.

Carbon Fix

Extracted through rat holes, coal has made a select few in Meghalaya very rich. It is also creating a dirty mess that nobody wants to own up to.


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