Who Are We?

Sreejit Datta and Raghava Krishna

J Sai Deepak’s book heralds the ripening of the Indic civilisational discourse

Asko Parpola, 78, Indologist

Civilisational Fetish

The Flow of Time

Rivers that run through the cultural history of India

Nayanjot Lahiri, Historian

Civilisational Quest

The Past is a Divided Country

Is it possible for the Mohenjodaro necklace and girdle to be reunited?

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review

Unfortunately, the telling of the film is slow, long winded, pointless, and extraordinarily boring

The Sacred Thread

India is yet to reap the benefits of its civilisational as well as colonial crises

Handsome Revelations

A psychoanalyst’s hands-on approach to civilisation


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