Silence of the Scientists

Kalpish Ratna

A recently discovered letter by Galileo offers a clue to the tragic fate that befell the 16th century botanist Garcia d’Orta in Goa and reminds us of the value of freedom

Nun The Less

In a historic show of solidarity, a group of nuns in Kerala has forced the church and the state to finally act against a bishop who had allegedly raped one of them. V Shoba in Kochi listens to the sisters who dared

Sex and the Church: Sins of the Fathers

Charges levelled against four priests for using confessions to blackmail and rape a woman shake up the Orthodox Syrian Church in Kerala and bring clerical abuse to the fore again


It is not easy to be a former priest or nun in Kerala

The Thing about Saints

And the miracles one must perform to become one

Church versus Nature

In Kerala, the Church fuels an agitation based on a misreading of an environmental report on the Western Ghats

The Scientologists of India

Evil cult or misunderstood religion, Scientology is slowly finding followers in India

How to Survive as an Indie Publisher

It takes more than just the belief that there exists a market for ‘alternative’ books. It takes an intense dedication to quality and plenty of gumption, says Yoda Press’

Catholic Church Goes Desi

The Catholic church in India is out on a limb to indigenise. Images such as Jesus seated on a lotus in padmasana and the Virgin Mary clad in a sari are now commonplace.

Back to Dharma

A godman claims that 7,000 Sindhis have converted to Christianity in the past two years. And he is hell-bent on getting them back.


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