The Case for a Good Death

Madhavankutty Pillai

India never goes far enough with euthanasia

The Unity of Dharma

The exceptionalism of India’s religious history

Only If You Believe In Miracles

On the Vatican finding a new saint from India

Stop, Memory

Jerusalem should unite but, for a hundred years, it has only divided

Holy Water

From being gateways to gods to cleansing of sins, it has played a central role in religion and culture

Jesus of India

Justice Banumathi’s faith expression is part of the subcontinent’s cultural reality

Looking for Jesus in Polruan

A trip in search of the missing years of the founder of Christianity

An Italian Christmas

The symbols of Christmas remain more or less unchanged over the centuries, although their ancient meanings have been lost

Yuletide in Kolkata

The Company and the Raj may be long gone, but certain things have not changed at all

The Art of Civilisation

From the sacred halls of the Renaissance


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