The Woke Raga

Sandeep Balakrishna

Was TM Krishna awarded the Sangita Kalanidhi by Chennai’s Music Academy for his politics?

Carnatic Music Is Rooted In Sanatana Dharma

The TM Krishna episode has done irreparable damage to the Music Academy and the music season

The Democratisation of Art

Private museums can enhance Indian culture by creating new audiences and sparking fresh conversations

To a Beat of Its Own

A Bharatanatyam class provides a safe and creative space for transgender students in Chennai

Remorse and Reconciliation

A queer-themed novel about immigrants, spanning Chennai to San Francisco

Lament for a Lost City

August, the foundation month of Madras, is a time for reminiscing about the beauty that can no longer be found in Chennai

Drinking Water: Not a Pipe Dream

Ensuring drinking water for every household needs a community-driven system and a new mindset

The Monsoon Mantra

Welcoming the first rains in Chennai with a tribe of weathermen who have witnessed two man-made catastrophes in the past four years: the floods of 2015 and the water crisis that shut down parts of the city last month

Rama Vaidyanathan: Fine Balance

Rama Vaidyanathan expertly treads the line between classicism and popular appeal


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