Rana Kapoor: No Banker

Moinak Mitra

How Rana Kapoor brought down the bank he built


An educated man's paranoia, Arun Jaitley's health and Mamata Banerjee's standoff with the Centre

Director’s Cut

How the CBI has gone rogue under Alok Verma’s watch. The Inside Story

A First for the Death Row

Two policemen in Kerala are sentenced to death for a custodial killing

The Nature of the Beast

It is necessary to privatise nationalised banks or at least bring down government shareholding to less than 50 per cent

The Great Indian Bank Robbery

It’s time for a wide range of reforms, with no option kept off the agenda, not even the privatisation of banks. Open takes a close look at what’s wrong and what can be done

The Curious Case of an Explosive Diary

A new column on backroom politics

The 311 Problem

The bureaucracy can’t be left out in the war on black money

Inside the Justice Bazaar

Recent Income Tax raids put the spotlight on middlemen who have operated for years with impunity, leaking judicial verdicts to corporates and other interested parties

Arvind Kejriwal: Getting Even With the Odd Chief Minister

A righteous Kejriwal makes the governance of Delhi all about one man’s whims and paranoia


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