Catholic Church

Partners in Crime

Minhaz Merchant

The cold gaze of the Five Eyes undermines sovereignty

God Against Libido

Where’s the reformer who will nail a thesis on the door of the Catholic Church?

Holy Shame

The transactional power of the church in the secular politics of Kerala makes the loneliness of the nun starker

Not A Matter of Faith

Why the Church must force the Bishop accused of rape to step down

Cardinal Error in Kerala

A land scam puts the head of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, India’s largest and oldest, in a bad spot. How long can he resist a fall from grace?

Sex and the Catholic Church: Sins of the Father

Another case of sexual assault rocks the Catholic Church in Kerala

Crisis in the Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Church in India is waking up to a major issue—a shortage of priests


The scientific temperament of Pope Francis is being felt across the reform-oriented Catholic church in India

Lead, Kindly Light of Reason

The Catholic Church evolves as the Pope acknowledges Evolution

The Unnatural Response

On the Catholic Church’s recent reluctance to ‘welcome’ homosexuality


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