Benefits of a Beer Campaign

MJ Akbar

And hammering home the truth about Congress

Rivers of Life

A celebration of India's water bodies and why they must be saved

Anti-Corruption Campaign

The sheer scale of corruption has left people dumbfounded

Akhilesh Yadav and the Limits of Vote Banks

Has the Samajwadi Party’s dependence on Muslim-Yadav support distanced other sections of the electorate?

Is It Really Over For Trump?

As America inches towards a November thriller

Open Diary

Never before had so many intelligent people been so blinded by their prejudices

Modi’s Seshan

Call of the Slogan | Selfie at the Ghat | Kinetic Patnaik | The Sulks | Didi’s Hindutva | Migrant Vote | Faux Film

Southern Rethinking

The man behind DMK’s social media strategy works towards a Dravidian makeover


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