End of an Illusion

Rahul Verma and Pranav Gupta

Mayawati needs to build a coalition that goes beyond mere social identities

“Not caste but development will bring us back to power”: Akhilesh Yadav

The law and order of the state is always hyped up whenever a SP government comes to power, says UP Chief Minister

Being Akhilesh Yadav

The ruler of an unruly state

Who Will Catch the Rainbow?

The fragmentation of the OBC vote

The Dons of Poorvanchal: Lords of the Ring

The dons of Poorvanchal become the most sought-after in the political market of Uttar Pradesh

History Strikes Back

Is it payback time in the Hindi heartland?

Maya’s Choice

Whether or not to support the UPA

The Going Gets Bloody

An attack on a BSP rebel. A defensive speech by Mayawati. Spot the link

Rebellion in the Ranks

Mayawati is tracking this revolt anxiously, but she is also trying her best to play it down


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