BR Ambedkar

Guru Darshan

Ullekh NP

The 1925 dialogue between Mahatma Gandhi and Sree Narayana Guru was a pleasant precursor to the acrimonious Gandhi-Ambedkar debate of the 1930s

Curse of the Caricature

Were Indian cartoonists casteist on Ambedkar?

Can the Saint Save Them?

A desperate opposition turns to Guru Ravidas for deliverance

Mumbai Notebook

‘Small visions’ cost little and do a world of good

A Personal Struggle

What it means to be Dalit in India

‘Three Warnings’ of BR Ambedkar

Dr Ambedkar raised the spectre of India losing its independence once again if the Constitution was not adhered to in letter and spirit

One India, One Man

Rediscovering Patel as unifier and assimilator

Tridip Suhrud: ‘Did Gandhi fear a violent death? No. He feared a purposeless death’

In conversation with Tridip Suhrud, India’s foremost Gandhi scholar

All for the Sake of Nehru

Jinnah’s Pakistan demand was more tactical than practical

When Will Babasaheb Emerge from the Storeroom?

The complexities of Dalit identity politics in Uttar Pradesh under BJP rule


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