BR Ambedkar

The Churchill Paradox

Zareer Masani

Historians cannot square the wartime British prime minister’s fascination for India with his pessimism about its independent future

BR Ambedkar: The Last Moralist

The relevance of an idea called Ambedkar

A Constitutional Promise

Defenders of the idea of a Uniform Civil Code had hoped it would become a reality but the divisions seen in the Constituent Assembly took a turn for the worse in subsequent decades

Modernising Personal Laws

India will not sacrifice its diversity under a uniform civil code

BR Ambedkar: A Monumental Life

Ashok Gopal traces the exceptional journey of Ambedkar becoming Babasaheb

A Manifesto for Secular Hindus

Five points to keep in mind in tackling communal polarisation

A Lexicon for New India

Deciphering the nature of the nation

Resilient Republic

India as an enduring story of democracy

In Praise of Civic Nationalism

India has survived all the stresses and strains that have beset it for over seven decades because it maintained consensus on how to manage without consensus


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