BR Ambedkar

The Rediscovery of India

Modi has shown the country how to dream big and believe in itself and that there is no contradiction between owning an ancient civilisational heritage and becoming a 21st century technological power

Resistance Tongue

English has always been imagined as an ally of the Dalit struggle

Fulfilling Ambedkar’s Dream

Dalits tend to benefit more than others with social peace and stability

The Significance of January 26

How India rose from a dominion to a republic

Jai Bhim has been brewing in my mind for 15 years: Director Gnanavel

Torture scenes in the movie are nothing compared with reality, says the 40-year-old former journalist

Independence to Republicanism

The contrasting styles of nationalism and citizenship

In Search of the Real Savarkar

The place of Muslims in his Hindu Rashtra

Redeeming Babasaheb

The demand for our times is a nation-positive Ambedkarism and a Dharma-positive Dalitism


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