BR Ambedkar

All for the Sake of Nehru

Zareer Masani

Jinnah’s Pakistan demand was more tactical than practical

When Will Babasaheb Emerge from the Storeroom?

The complexities of Dalit identity politics in Uttar Pradesh under BJP rule

Anatomy of a Pastiche

What we see in the name of Dalit politics and Ambedkarite discourse is an echo of old-style leftist talk coupled with Naxal grandstanding of yore

Underground Dalit Leaders: Band of Brothers

Kumar Anshuman meets the underground leadership of Dalit assertion in western Uttar Pradesh

Out of Maya

Old-timers in BSP are disillusioned with Kanshi Ram’s protégé. Do Dalits share their sentiment? Rahul Pandita travels in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh to gauge the depth of dissent against Mayawati

It’s Complicated

The Constitution tries to do too much. It needs to be made to do less

Independence of the Mind

When We Are Looters at the Site of History

Dont’t Burn the Book of Freedom

Has Indian democracy fully tapped the creativity of the Constitution?

Urmila Pawar: Voice of the Voiceless

Her autobiography, Aaidan, or The Weave of My Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs, is a profound inspiration


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