‘I Don’t Play Games’

Rubina A. Khan

Ajay Devgn on his dislike for the ‘I-me-myself brigade’, making omelettes with daughter Nysa and the intriguing spelling change

Wake Up Sid

A charming and amusing film really about nothing in particular. And good acting too

Dil Bole Hadippa

A Lagaan wannabe, without the spunk. Watch it, if at all, for the latest heartbreak kid Shahid Kapur

Bollywood Dreams

Khatera Hakimi is an Afghan settled in New York. Her obsession is to make it as a heroine in Hindi movies, and time is running out on her.

Out of Thin Air

This film offers many of the old-fashioned pleasures of the documentary: it takes us to an unfamiliar place and tells us an unknown story. In this case it’s also an unexpected story.


It’s ironical enough to have Bollywood make a film on plagiarism. This film also betrays its lack of conscience about it.

Quick Gun Murugun

The crusader of the dosa is back. And mind it, you will not have tasted a chutney mix like this before

Future of the Ghost Movie

Tulsi Ramsay, the father of Indian ghost dramas, explains the rules of the game

While Bob Christo has a Brownie

You knew him as the villain’s firangi henchman. But what was he doing before that? You won’t believe it. He tells all in a book he has written


Vishal Bhardwaj pulls off a Guy Ritchie. Wear your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life


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