Bharat Ratna

Rao As Bharat Ratna


Narasimha Rao stands out as he was often not only denied his due but was subjected to undeserved calumny at the hands of partisan commentators.

A Self-Effacing Hindu Nationalist

LK Advani became the face of the Ram Janmabhoomi agitation that redefined Indian politics

LK Advani, Bharat Ratna

An India where a Narendra Modi was made possible is indebted to the man who dared to hit the long road to Hindutva

The Karpoori Thakur Effect

Why Bihar’s icon deserves the Bharat Ratna

Bharat’s Ratnas

The problem with my Savarkar versus your Gandhi

The Padma Rewards

The pointlessness of an award doled out by discretion and patronage


Rao holds around 60 honorary doctorates and has authored 1,500 papers and 45 books


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