Zakir Naik: The Preacher’s Progress

Haima Deshpande in Mumbai

What makes Zakir Naik an incendiary evangelist?

Jihad in Bangladesh

Liberal Dhaka is under the threat of radical Islam but the Hasina government is still in denial

Fear and Faith in Dhaka

Caught between the call of jihad and the politics of poverty, Sheikh Hasina is battling alone for Bangladesh. India and the West had better take notice

Jihad Comes Close to Home

The news from Bangladesh should alert India to the threat from ISIS. It is real and immediate

Message from Bangladesh

The writing is on the wall for both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and ODIs

When 14,000 Bangladeshis will become Indians and 37,000 Indians, Bangladeshis

In June, a land swap will finally merge border enclaves of India and Bangladesh into each other’s territories. A ground report

Attacks on bloggers in Bangladesh

Rahman’s murder is the third such incident of bloggers being bludgeoned in Bangladesh over the past two years


The investigation into a bomb blast in the town of Burdwan in West Bengal last month put the spotlight on a wider network of terror modules stretching beyond the border to Bangladesh. A report from the new dateline of terror

Dreamer’s Realism

Exploring war, nationhood and the Left movement, Bangladeshi artist Naeem Mohaiemen has emerged as the chronicler of a merciless history

The Second Life of Chunky Pandey

Leading man and the hero’s best friend in the early 1990s, Pandey went to Bangladesh when his career was on a decline and became a superstar. In the past couple of years, Pandey has made his way back to A-list Bollywood, albeit with silly films


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