It Happened One Night

Dhirendra K. Jha

Ayodhya, 22-23 December, 1949. This is the untold story of that fateful night, when a small group of religious activists stole into the Babri Masjid to place an idol of Ramlalla under the main dome, the night that shaped India’s modern political history. This is the testimony of the few who survive to tell the tale.

Who Says We Can Move On?

The talking heads who so insist have no idea what is at stake in Ayodhya

Law Is above Expediency

Jurisprudence is just as vital to the idea of India as maintaining communal equilibrium.

A Fight to the End

No court or historian is ever likely to resolve this dispute.

My Crippled Testimony

It’s a 999-page report. It took 17 years, cost Rs 8 crore and had 399 sittings with depositions from 33 Commission witnesses, 53 Central Government witnesses and 14 defence witnesses—100 in all. As one of those hundred, I want to have my say. In full. So here it is.

Clueless in Dharmanagri

Alienated Muslims seek refuge in conspiracy theories, while aimless Hindu youth look up to Ramlalla, the deity BJP owes its rise to


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