Racing Against Time

Sumana Ramanan

What the women runners reveal about Indian society

The Light of Asia

Why India has high expectations from the Hangzhou Games

Dick Fosbury (1947-2023): The Giant Leap

His revolutionary technique in high jump became the standard of the game

The Ninety-Metre Question

Neeraj Chopra claims he will settle it once and for all this year

The Passion of PT Usha

Lessons from a champion in surviving and overcoming the odds

PT Usha: Born to Run

As IOA president, the legend is back in the spotlight

Why India is not a sporting nation?

The ecosystem must support the making of a champion

The Sporting Spirit

Why sport heroes make ideal subjects for film biopic

No Man’s Track

New rules barring women with high testosterone levels from competing in athletics might impact India too

Stronger, Higher, Faster

At the Asian Games, Neeraj Chopra and Hima Das make India dream of track-and-field medals on the world stage


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