Assembly polls


Virendra Kapoor

Amit Shah's push for simultaneous polls and Madhu Trehan's interview of Karan Thapar

BJP’s Next Target: Kerala

Where the cadres of the RSS/BJP are locked in a bloody battle with the Marxists

Bloodshed in the House of Mulayam

Is the son losing the generational war in Lucknow—at least for the time being

She Who Must Not be Named

When Jayalalithaa ceases to be a noun and becomes a political pronoun

Kerala Assembly Elections 2016: Down the Beaten Path

The oldest warhorse, the crafty red don, a damaged chief minister and the spoiler in the fray. It’s between the predictable and the historical in Kerala

Assam Assembly Election 2016: Priestly Tales by the Brahmaputra

An imam and a primus and how faith and identity can swing the Assam vote

Dalits: Stand up and Be Counted

Dalits across the states are refusing to be anybody’s vote bank


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