Murder, He Wrote

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the doublespeak and effects of assassinations by countries

Not shocked by changes in school textbooks on Gandhi murder, says great grandson

They want a sanitised Bapu, says Tushar Gandhi, author of Let’s Kill Gandhi! A Chronicle of His Last Days, The Conspiracy, Murder Investigation and Trial

How Our Leaders Failed to Save Gandhi from Godse’s Bullets

A tragedy of errors and apathy led to the assassination of the father of the nation on January 30, 1948

Who and Why?

The players, plots and the movement that led to Gandhi’s murder

Why Savarkar had to be saved

Patel and Morarji wanted to avoid communal violence and political instability at all costs

‘Savarkar escaped because nobody probed how Godse got an Italian revolver from a Gwalior dealer’

Tushar A. Gandhi, great-grandson of the Mahatma, backs Kamal Haasan's statement on Godse

To Catch an Assassin

This woman was promised the earth for helping the police nab Rajiv Gandhi’s killers. All she has got instead are death threats and the offer of a film role, complains K Muniyamma

Nalini Murugan

Nalini even shopped for the clothes Rajiv Gandhi’s assassin ‘Dhanu’ wore on the day he was killed.

Who Killed JFK?

He died this month 46 years ago. The assassination was pinned on a crazed gunman, though so many wanted him dead.


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