Arun Jaitley

Provoked and Patient

Siddharth Singh

India has not revealed all its options

GST: The Life and Times of a Bill

The travails of the GST Bill bring out the best and the worst of Indian politics. Will Congress buckle under isolation?

A Village and a Wish List

Our correspondent travels through Haryana’s Rewari district to see how the Budget’s rural vision has rekindled the hopes of villagers

The Long March

Of five Finance Ministers

The End of Ideology

The Arun Jaitley Budget, which also marks the 25th anniversary of the landmark Manmohan Singh Budget of 1991, envisions an India sustained by an enlightened state and a less skewed market

Jaitley’s Social Realism

Capitalist India has not evolved enough to downsize the state

The Union Budget

The minimum income threshold for paying personal income tax may be raised, while exemptions for senior citizens are also expected

NITI Aayog: Still a Work in Progress

With expectations of the NITI Aayog so high, it was never an easy task delivering on its promise of a new approach to development. Time is running out

Arvind Kejriwal: Getting Even With the Odd Chief Minister

A righteous Kejriwal makes the governance of Delhi all about one man’s whims and paranoia


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