G Ravinder Reddy: Heads-Up Icon

V Shoba

G Ravinder Reddy’s women are inordinately large and vivid, urging upon us the full scale of the human experience. The artist in conversation with V Shoba

Dystopia Forever

How Clockwork Orange, the book and the movie, gained cult status 

Illness as a Metaphor

Turning physical disabilities into advantages of imagination

Anita Ratnam: The World’s a Stage

The pressure to give up is high but dancer Anita Ratnam continues to use academia and artistry to raise the bar

Anish Kapoor: My Name is Red

Anish Kapoor’s new show in London is a visceral exploration of the internal human body in its most vulnerable state

Mithu Sen: The Constant Performer

The subversive brio of Mithu Sen. Photographs: Rohit Chawla

War and Piece

Shanaathanan returns to war-torn Jaffna as artist, curator and visual archivist

India Art Fair 2017: All the Flowers Are for Everyone

When Picasso and Dali give a welcome twist to the predominantly Asian show at the India Art Fair


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