Frida’s Shadow

Arindam Mukherjee

The necklace is an overpowering and almost macabre motif in Anju Dodiya’s ‘fictional self images’.

All the World’s on Our Stage

The National School of Drama festival brings the best of East and West to Delhi.

Gabbar Singh’s Nemesis

An association is helping market the works of disabled artists who paint using their mouth and feet

Delhi in Doldrums

In artist Golak Khandual’s latest work, birds flee for their lives from ugly Delhi buildings. His visuals evoke a constant tussle between the city of old and the new

The Worst Kept Secret

If you are buying art as an investment, there is something you should know about the art world. It’s murky to put it mildly.

Creating a Climate of Change

Photographer and curator Mark Edwards juxtaposes Bob Dylan’s lyrics with photos that draw attention to man’s headlong collision with nature

Husain’s New Canvas

He’s 94, but not afraid of opening up to new technology. Artist MF Husain sketches his life out for the e-reader.

Gems in the Junkyard

Pavan KJ photographs the broken parts that cars leave behind in junkyards. But why does the scrap speak more than the painted metal?

Blood in the River

The Yamuna is dying. Restless and troubled, artist Inder Salim cut off his finger and threw it into the river. Call it art, call it angst, but he forged a link with the river.

When Fame is Mere Compensation

The booming Indian art scene has left many artists licking their wounds. With India yet to make rules on resale royalty, they can claim nothing of the astronomical sums their signed works are fetching


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