Crypto Canvas

Shaikh Ayaz

Blockchain-savvy and tech-smart, India’s young artists are posting their art on NFT platforms

Tracing Footsteps

Digital Artists Interpret the Migrant Story

Bharti Kher: The Alchemist

Bharti Kher transforms materials and textures to create works of defiance

The Art of Being

The individual aesthetics of freedom


Alita Chandra’s abstract art reflects both memories and music. The artist in conversation with Antara Raghavan

NS Bendre: The Compulsive Sketcher

NS Bendre is an early pioneer of the Indian modernist movement. Yet, the sublime beauty of his lines is coming into focus only now

Partnership for the Arts

The British Council in India is organising a yearlong programme for India-UK cultural collaboration

The World in a Zorb Ball

Nothing quite beats the cerebral engagement and haughty arrogance of in-person fairs. Rohit Chawla reports from Art Basel 2021

Todo Paintal: Shadow Play

Septuagenarian Todo Paintal’s debut solo tells of a life richly lived

A Brush with AI

Artists are using algorithms, sensors and augmented reality to speak of fragility and permanence


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