Soldier, at Unease

Deepa Bhasthi

A young Israeli man’s struggle against institutions, society and himself

War and Piece

Shanaathanan returns to war-torn Jaffna as artist, curator and visual archivist

In Worship of Military Ganapati

Military Durga Devi and Military Mahadev are also temples maintained by the Army in Belgaum

Confessions of an ex-Army officer

“As a nation, we are ruled by complacency. The top brass of the Army has to speak up and take charge if things are to change”

AFSPA as Magic Wand

Will revoking this Act in Kashmir change things drastically? Or does the problem lie elsewhere?

Trotting into the Sunset with Dignity

In the heart of Gurgaon stands a sanctuary for ageing police and Army horses after their retirement.

Kargil Now

Ten years ago, when armed intruders tried to run over Kargil, nobody knew about this area. But the war has changed this place forever


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