Anna Hazare

Anna versus Sharad Pawar

Haima Deshpande

The Anna factor seems to have had no impact on voters, as the NCP emerges victorious

Meet Anna’s Blog Writer

What Anna uttered, Parulekar wrote. So when Anna accused him of misusing the blog, he was stunned. Now, as he speaks to Haima Deshpande of Open, the writer has a singular objective: to clear his name and present the “whole truth”.

Why the Sangh Loves Anna

He endorses the RSS worldview while appealing to people who lie outside its fold


There is no better word for the claim that Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement is ‘apolitical’

Anna’s Taandava

The wave of recent popular uprisings, including our very own, are reminiscent of an ancient cathartic tradition. Some will remember it as the Dancing Mania

Ramlila Maidan

The Ramlila ground was initially a pond, which was filled up in the early 1930s

Everybody Loves a Good Protest

Dissent is a casualty at the Anna show where his rainbow coalition of supporters eats, drinks and makes protest before the camera

Anna Gana Mana

By misdirecting public anger against corruption, Anna’s aides are advocating contempt for the Constitution

The Story of Their Experiments with Gandhi

How a team of strategists has been hard at work dipping into the past and playing the media to project Anna Hazare as the new Mahatma

The Beginning of the End?

At every step, senior Congress leaders have been outmanoeuvred by Anna’s aides


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