Amitav Ghosh

‘This idea of progress is one of the most terrible myths,’ says Amitav Ghosh

Nandini Nair

Amitav Ghosh talks about his new book that charts the transformative effect of the poppy on the making of the world in a conversation with

Young at Heart

Exploring the eternal inner child through art and literature

Lives and Times

Examining the big issues of our time, from climate change to mortality to the origins of the universe

The Quiet Gems

The majority of this year’s list of bests comprises quieter books, those which arrived with less fanfare and left a lasting impression

Amitav Ghosh: The Forecaster

Amitav Ghosh’s new book is a parable for a planet in crisis. He speaks to Nandini Nair about the cruelties of colonialism and the violent trajectory of the nutmeg

Song of the Sundarbans

In his first book of verse Amitav Ghosh reimagines a folk legend

Amitav Ghosh: The Real and the Uncanny

Amitav Ghosh’s new novel addresses the big issues of the day. The author tells Nandini Nair why we are all migrants

On a Knife Edge

From Amitav Ghosh to Ian McEwan

Amitav Ghosh, Author

Universal Mind

Author of Atmospherics

Talking weather with Amitav Ghosh


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