Al Qaeda

‘Iraq War led to the dismantling of the international order and fragmentation of Islam’

Ullekh NP

Oxford University professor Faisal Devji on the impact of the Iraq War

Seven Minutes That Changed India

Inside the Balakot Operation and how it will further strengthen Prime Minister Modi

‘We need a book of the times we’re living in’

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark tell Shikha Kumar about the research for their bestselling book on Osama bin Laden. A film is in the making

The Fall of Nawaz Sharif

The story of Nawaz Sharif’s rise and fall is the story of contemporary Pakistan. For him, it matters little if it is the Army or the Court. History has moved in circles for him and yet another uncertain phase of his political career begins

God’s Recruits

The radicalisation of Indian Muslim youth in the age of the Islamic State

Man on the Run

A brisk and informative account of Osama bin Laden’s years in hiding after 9/11

Islam and the Cult of Death

Jihadism and Terrorism in the age of the Islamic State

The New Jihadi: A Portrait

A French scholar says it is not the radicalisation of Islam but the Islamisation of radicalism. Is it so?

Jihad: Who Will Contain the Evil?

A global consensus on fighting jihad cannot wait any longer

Haunted by the Ghost of Osama

The latest jihadist threat to India is real because the new al Qaeda is a branch of Pakistan’s military


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