Akhilesh Yadav

IAS: The House Slaves of India

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why IAS officers refuse to win a cricket match against a chief minister

A Conspiracy of Yadavs

After blatantly favouring one caste in government appointments, the judiciary comes calling at Akhilesh Yadav’s doorstep

Jagendra Singh: The death of a journalist

Who killed Jagendra Singh—and why? Text and photographs by Omkar Khandekar in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

A Hanging

We travelled to the UP village of Katra Sadatganj where two girls were allegedly raped and then hanged. The story that emerges from whispers of the villagers and conflicting versions of the police only multiplies the horror

Dimple’s Dubious Electoral Marvel

Her Kannauj bypoll victory is historic. That is shamefully so

The Akhilesh Mango

Haji Kaleemullah Khan creates hybrid fruits and gives them names of celebrities

Now That the Easy Part Is Over for Akhilesh

Winning UP may be far easier than governing it, as the new CM will have to depend on his father to shield him from internal threats to his authority


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