Akhilesh Yadav

UP 2017: Ascent of the Maximum Leader

S Prasannarajan

Modi is the only idea that animates India

Modi Conquers Middle India

The BJP workers' new slogan in Lucknow, ‘No Confusion No Mistake, Gaye Akhilesh Gaye Akhilesh’

The War Modi Cannot Afford to Lose

What’s at stake for the Prime Minister in UP?

UP Assembly Elections 2017: Fight to the Finish

Are we heading for another psephological surprise?

A Matter of Maya

The quiet rise of BSP in the battle for UP


Raj Bhavan retention tricks, tentative legal tender and the Ministry for NRIs in Distress

Mulayam Singh Yadav: The Missing Patriarch

Netaji’s has been forced to take a sabbatical but his absence has not been taken lightly by his supporters

The Voodoo Vote

The unopposed candidacy of superstition

Fault Lines and False Notes

Communal resentment still simmers in volatile western UP and no party is averse to harvesting it

The Day of the Bicycle Prince

Footloose in Akhilesh’s Lucknow


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