The Horns of a Cultural Dilemma

V Shoba

With the uncertainty surrounding jallikattu, a bull-baiting sport associated with harvest rituals that was banned by the Supreme Court last year, sentiments run high in rural Tamil Nadu


The comeback queen of Tamil Nadu reaches a dead end

Jayalalithaa’s Mercy is Politically Savvy

The Tamil Nadu CM’s decision to free all convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case will boost the AIADMK’s fortunes in the Lok Sabha polls

Clarion Call

Jayalalithaa’s offensive threatens the Centre’s cosy neighbourliness with Rajapaksa’s Sri Lanka

Raja Rings Home

Jayalalithaa ran a campaign focused aggressively on that name. To a thunderous response.

Anyone Seen Her Lately?

The Lady of Poes Garden has vanished from Chennai to a little known tea garden in the Nilgiris. Tamil politics awaits her return, stars willing.


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