Back to the Scorched Earth

V Shoba

A group of Tamil farmers made national headlines one year ago by kicking off a series of absurd protests in Delhi. V Shoba meets key characters from the landmark agitation who are back in their villages battling an unending farm crisis

A Budget for Bharat

In the year before the general election the finance minister did what was expected.

Anger Management

The Government will have to balance the tide of agrarian unrest and manage its finances

Size Is a Deception

Learning from the social life of Leafcutter Ants

Fire on the Farm

Agricultural loan waivers may buy some political space but they make for poor economics

No Relief From Debt Relief

The conundrum with loan waivers

A Harvest of Distress

Farmers are on the brink and the tragedy of Sangrur tells us why

A Cry in the Wilderness

What do women want? We listen to desperate voices, from labourers to rape survivors, in Bundelkhand

Enter the Drone

From mapping pollution to counting crops, the commercial use of drones is set to boom in India. But only if there is legal clarity

Bitter Harvest

The politics of water has added to the woes of rural Karnataka’s suicide capital


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