War and Pause

Rajeev Deshpande

Russia’s reverses in Ukraine are a warning for Chinese military designs and a test for Indian foreign policy

The Sanatani Accords

The Sanatani Accords: A Hindu-Muslim amity pact for India@75

Balancing China

India needs to take a hard relook at how it leverages its external partnerships

The Chinese Mind

We are dealing with a terrifying enemy

The Quad Against Beijing

Decoupling from the Chinese economic stranglehold is difficult

‘India’s Response to China is Strategic, Focused on Economic Competition’

New Delhi must look for ways to acquire influence in areas where China is vulnerable, says Bruno Maçães

Is India still paying for Nehru’s China-submissive policy?

The commonsense question is this: How can China have any more claims south of the line it created of its own volition in 1962?

The Chinese Endgame

Beijing’s next move against India will be coordinated with the Pakistan army

China’s Ladakh Aggression a Retaliation for Doklam Insult: Expert

No Indian officer breaks patrol protocols, says China specialist and army veteran

China’s Double Vision

Beijing’s perceptions on the Line of Actual Control are shaped by delusions entrenched since the 1950s


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