2022 New Year Issue

Body Language

Nandini Nair

Where the image ends and the self begins

Wearable Tradition

The mangalsutra and the evolutionary symbolism of marriage

Mapping The Male Feminist

Why some men struggle so hard to prove their emotional credentials

Murder In The Madras Zoo

A beastly tale from World War II

The Screen and the Mirror

After seven decades of highs and lows, Indian cinema has a golden opportunity to go global

In Praise of the Sceptic

In a world increasingly painted in black-and-white, the questioning of sacrosanct ideas becomes ever more important

The Menon Métier

What was it about VK Krishna Menon?

Enter the Expert

Has the pandemic made the elite and empathy incompatible?

The End of Inevitability

The linear narrative of India’s freedom struggle and its unrealised possibilities


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