Kerala’s Fishing Community: In Deep Waters

Shahina KK

Kerala’s fishing community, the first to volunteer for rescue and relief operations during floods, is plagued by social and economic marginalisation

Still Simmering in Unnao

Political affinities and social prejudices add to the volatile aftermath of a rape case that shook India

Gentle On My Curves

Among the many Englishes

Kerala: Devil’s Own Country

The Kerala government wants to stop the state’s obsession with the occult with a law against superstition. Can black magic be contained?

Jackfruit: The Golden Fruit

A Karnataka farmer’s good luck could change the jackfruit market in the country

Food for Thought

Akshaya Patra Foundation knows its onions, and how

The Business of Selling Empowerment

Pop culture feminism has become an advertiser’s dream

Who’s Afraid of Dance Bars?

No matter how often the courts decide in favour of dance bars, the Maharashtra government will not let them operate

Shackles of a society

Understanding Caste through the eyes of Generation Z

Modi As Usual

A bold response to a social reality


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