Open Essay

The Modi Defect

Lance Price

The author of The Modi Effect is disappointed by Prime Minister Modi. Why?

The Self in the Selfie

Living dangerously inside a camera

Normalising Netaji

We need to redeem Bose from fairytales —and bring his remains home

Modi at Home and Abroad

What the Prime Minister should do to decouple his own image from that of Donald Trump

US Election: A Time of Fear and Loathing

Are Americans going to choose as their candidate for the world’s most important job two of the most ill-suited claimants to that role imaginable?

Kochi Muziris Biennale: Canvas 365

How the Kochi Muziris Biennale has become art as a permanent experience

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed: A Life In Full

The late bloomer Mufti Mohammad Sayeed (1936–2016) leaves behind a legacy of reconciliation. Make use of it

An Indian History of Tolerance

Between the secular and the civilisational

In the Echo Chamber of Tolerance

Has India become a wonderland where Mad Hatters rule the political roost?

The Deluge And the Deluded

No flood could wash away the anger of Chennai


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